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For a single, one-shot solution

Priced / document
  • Access to all shop documents
  • Generate any available contract or legal document once-off

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There is no doubt that your business requires legal agreements but, there is no reason for legal contracts to be complicated​

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Hello Contract enables you to take control of your legal contracts without paying costly legal fees. Our document creation platform gives you all the tools necessary to generate quality legal documents.

Put in a request with our bot! We’ll get back to you asap and sort you out.

We have lawyers in house, feel free to reach out to them directly here.

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Getting started

An automated document is a legal document or contract that is created and customised based on answers provided in a questionnaire format.

Once you have chosen the subscription package which suits you best, click “subscribe now”. After selecting “subscribe now”, you will be sent an email to your email address containing a link to complete your account creation and set up a password.

Once you have activated your account, you will be able to make the payment for your subscription and have full access to the features of the portal.

Once you have selected a legal document or contract and have selected the “Start now” button, located at the top right of the document/contract page, your questionnaire will begin. 

You will be guided through each question with the helping hand of detailed explanations and additional information. 

Based on your answers, your legal document or contract will be tailor-made by our system. If you log in or create an account, you can also save the progress of the questionnaire and come back later.

Our documents and contracts are organised according to their relevant category. 

Our categories include, but are not limited to:

  • Company law
  • Property Law
  • Employment and Labour Law
  • Business Transactions
  • Financial
  • Resolutions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Cyber and Software
  • Letters and Notices

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Our Story

Good lawyers are expensive, let’s be honest. So much so that when one needs a contract or legal document, its generally prohibitively expensive, with the result that you either go without, or you end up hacking a contract together yourself without the legal knowledge necessary to ensure that all your bases are covered.

Hello Contract is changing all of that for the ordinary South African business.

At Hello Contract we believe in an entrepreneurial future. We believe in going to work everyday to provide people with the tools necessary to build their company, and take control in building their own future.

We create affordable legal contracts, aimed to...

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Every business needs professional legal contracts. But, most businesses are forced to go without. Hello Contract aims to change this and make high-quality legal documents accessible to all South Africans. 

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