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Good lawyers are expensive, let's be honest. So much so, that when one needs a contract or a legal document, its generally prohibitively expensive, with the result that you either go without, or you end up hacking a contracting together yourself without the legal knowledge necessary to ensure that all your bases are covered.

Hello Contract is changing all of that for the ordinary South African business. At Hello Contract we believe in an entrepreneurial future.

We believe in going to work everyday to provide people with the tools necessary to build their company, and take control in building their own future. Entering into a contract is not saying that you do not trust each other. We believe that it is saying that I trust you on a level where we can create a future together. You both say ‘I Do’!

To realise the above beliefs, we have created the easiest and most accessible tool in the industry to automatically and intelligently create legal contracts and documents for your business.

Our mission is to provide every South African & any local business the opportunity to grow safely by providing affordable access to professional legal contracts

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Every business needs professional legal contracts. But, most businesses are forced to go without. Hello Contract aims to change this and make high-quality legal documents accessible to all South Africans. 

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