Barter McKellar and Hello Contract announce partnership and announce Hello Contract’s Legal Suite

Hello Contract and Barter McKellar are delighted to announce that Barter McKellar Attorneys will be joining Hello Contract’s legal document platform as a partner. The partnership will strengthen Hello Contract’s service offering by assisting with delivering scalable contract solutions and legal services, to further support profitable revenue growth for clients.

Barter McKellar law joins Hello Contract

Heidi Barter, a founder and partner at Barter McKellar stated, “The partnership is the logical next step following the rapid growth of our law practice, and it perfectly aligns with the needs of our growing client base. Hello Contract provides our clients’ with affordable contracts in an instant. If our clients need a simple contract they now have access to it within a few clicks”.

Hello Contract is aiming to grow its legal contract/document database from 60 documents/contracts to almost 200 documents/contracts in the coming 12 months. Further establishing their position as the country’s largest supplier of legal documents.

Together, we offer clients and partners a framework approach to legal, providing both the legal documents, know how, and now extensive legal services through our platform”.  Said Vincent Gaemers of Hello Contract.

The partnership has also allowed Hello Contract to expand its offering. Aside from the ecommerce store, Hello Contract is now offering a product tailored to the corporate market, specially departments with heavy repetative labour in legal documents- Providing a product that allows for customised automated agreements, online collaboration, an online audit trail and electronic signing. Introducing Hello Contract Legal Suite.

We are really pushing the boundaries of the capabilities of the current Legal Document Management landscape with this product, I am extremely excited” says Kyle Torrington, the companies Lead Attorney.

At Hello Contract we believe in an entrepreneurial future. We believe in going to work every day to provide people with the legal tools necessary to build their own company and their own future.

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