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One of the most essential aspects of running a successful business in the e-commerce industry is having the correct legal documents and contracts in place. Starting with a…

A Website Privacy Policy is vital to illustrate the ways in which your site visitors’ personal information will be collected and used.

This privacy policy has been designed for South African websites which collect personal information from European Union citizens. Therefore, this website privacy policy complies with the South African Protection of Personal Information Act and the essential South African legislation rules as well as the European GDPR.

The Website Privacy Policy (South African Law Compliant) differs from the Website Privacy Policy (South African Law and GDPR Compliant) in that it has been designed to comply with South African legislation such as the South African Protection of Personal Information Act, but not the European GDPR.

An eCommerce website or webshop terms of service specifies the terms and conditions of your eCommerce store.

These terms govern the behaviour of your site visitors and stipulate rules regarding how users must behave and how purchases are conducted, for example.

It is inevitable that when running an eCommerce website, provisions need to be made for the return of items sold through your ecommerce store.

Our eCommerce Website Returns Policy allows you to set the parameters for how and when you will allow returns, and the process customers must follow in order to do so.

The eCommerce Website Delivery Policy includes all the basic aspects of an eCommerce Website Delivery Policy.

Including: estimated delivery time frames, indemnities if you do not meet delivery time frames, the method chosen for delivery etc.

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Building and launching your own webshop or eCommerce website can be an expensive operation which is why founders often end up concentrating only on the essentials whilst foregoing the required legal documents.

Our Webshop Starter Package includes the eCommerce Website Terms of Service, eCommerce Website Returns Policy and a Website Privacy Policy of your choice. This package provides you with everything you need to start and run a webshop - the correct way.

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