All-in-one freelancing contract platform that's simple to use

Customisable, non-generic professional contracts

Instantly store, download & edit all your legal documents

E-sign any contract or legal document

Weekly contract updates & support

Custom contracts for your unique freelancing requirements

Desktop app development

Streamline your project workflow and send your clients customised, professional legal agreements for instant E-signing.

Mobile app development

Change the way you work and spend significantly less time drafting legal agreements using Hello Contract’s Freelance Portal.

Interior design

Easily send unique, professional contracts to each individual client and have all your past agreements safely stored and accessible online.


Stop project creep using comprehensive, custom contracts and begin communicating professionally with clients.

Graphic design

Take control of all your creative works and easily assign your copyrights to clients and ultimately, sustain your client relationships. 

Social media marketing

Focus on fostering your growing client base and make use of Hello Contract to easily send customised contracts to unique clients.

Software development

Maximise your billable time while having complete control of your legal agreements using your own Freelance Contract Portal.


Spend less time hacking together written legal agreements and spend more time on client relationships & actually writing.

Web design

Safely assign your project work to clients, keep track of all your legal contracts and clearly outline your services offered.

Web development

Optimise your client workflow, outline your post-development support plans and spend less time on weekly admin. 


Personally handle the legal admin for all your jobs from a single online portal and send your clients professional, timely agreements.

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31 MARCH 2020 • 5 MIN READ

E-Commerce Websites – The Legal Document Essentials

Before starting an e-commerce website, there are a few vital aspects you need to understand in order to successfully (and legally) sell any products and/or services online. Let us walk you through the legal document necessities required for your e-commerce website.

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15 APRIL 2020 • 10 MIN READ


Every business needs professional legal contracts. But, most businesses are forced to go without. Hello Contract aims to change this and make high-quality legal documents accessible to all South Africans. 

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