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How Hello Contract can keep you in control of your graphic design business

Designing creative elements for multiple clients is administratively challenging. Our dedicated Contract Portal offers graphic designers a broad suite of professional custom contracts to ensure that you have complete control over what services are required of you and most importantly, how & when you are to be paid.

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Essential Graphic Design Documents

Our dedicated Freelancer Contract Portal contains all the essential legal documents required to properly manage each step of a graphic design project & keep track of your past creative works - without paying for contracts that you don't need or any legal fees

  • Service Level Agreement

    A Service Level Agreement is the primary agreement that regulates the relationship and expectations between you as the service provider and your client.

  • Letter of Demand for Unpaid Invoice(s)

    If you are owed money on an outstanding invoice or two, use this automated letter to compile a letter of demand, calling on payment of the outstanding amount by a certain date.

  • Website Privacy Policy

    A Website Privacy Policy is required by law for all websites, and regulates what personal information is collected, what is done with such information and who it is shared with. It is also designed to comply with the South African Protection of Personal Information Act, GDPR and other South African legislation.

  • Website Standard Terms and Conditions

    A Website Terms of Service regulates the relationship between you, the site owner, and the users of your website.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

    An NDA allows for both parties, which are contemplating coming together for a transaction or other business relationships to ensure that what they disclose in their dealings to the other, will be kept confidential.

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

    When running a business, it is inevitable that certain services will need to be outsourced to third parties to provide to you or your customers. This is known as using independent contractors or sub-contracting and requires a comprehensive contract.

  • BEE Exempt-Micro Enterprise Affidavit

    For a business with a turnover of less than R10 million per annum, a B-BBEE certificate is not required by law. In this regard, an Exempt-Micro Enterprise Affidavit (EME Affidavit) serves as the B-BBEE certificate.

  • Termination of Independent Contractor / Sub-Contractor Agreement

    In certain instances, an Independent Contractor Agreement may have a clause in it which allows for the termination of the Agreement for any reason or no reason at all (termination for convenience).

  • Copyright Assignment Agreement

    By default, the subcontractor that you outsource work to, owns the copyrights comprising the works created. Your require a Copyright Assignment Agreement to take ownership.

  • Equipment Rental Agreement

    A Movables or Equipment Rental Agreement is perfectly suited to rent out any movable object such as medical, commercial, heavy, film or photography equipment and vehicles or items of any size.

  • Acknowledgment of Debt

    In business, there might come a time when either you owe another party money, or another owes you money, which the debtor might not immediately be able to afford. In this instance, an Acknowledgement of Debt comes in handy. It records that the debt is owing and sets out a legally binding payment plan

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Every business needs professional legal contracts. But, most businesses are forced to go without. Hello Contract aims to change this and make high-quality legal documents accessible to all South Africans. 

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