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Your Acknowledgement of Debt

Manage money owed, professionally

Whilst freelancing, there may come a time when either you owe another party money, or another owes you money, which the debtor might not immediately be able to afford. In this instance, an Acknowledgement of Debt (AOD) is vital

Clearly define the path forward

Record that a debt is owed, set out a legally binding payment plan, determine interest rates and protect yourself against an unnecessary default

Have online affordable access to all your Acknowledgement of Debts, in one place instantly 24/7 

An Acknowledgement of Debt is often a sensitive topic and business relationships are often soured if handled improperly.

A timely and confidential professional legal contract without the involvement of a lawyer may save you both time and money

"An acknowledgement of debt, commonly referred to as an “AOD”, is a document which contains an explicit admission of liability by the debtor. In it the debtor acknowledges that they owe a particular sum of money to the creditor and undertakes to repay what is owing. An AOD requires no more than this in order for it to be legally valid and binding on the signatory." 

Clauses included:

  • What the principal debt owing is;
  • Whether interest is payable on the debt, and if so, the rate thereof;
  • How and at what rate the debt is to be paid off;
  • Consequences of default.

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