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Your Copyright Assignment Agreement

Decide what work remains yours

Your work projects are legally speaking, yours. But, the party that paid for the assignment may want to own all the content relating to the project

Build a trusting business relationship

Decide, before you begin your business relationship what of your work and which of your ideas will remain your copyright and what you will assign away

Have online affordable access to all your Copyright Assignments Agreement’s, in one place instantly 24/7

Copyright Assignments are essential and have a tendency to change as your projects evolve. You should not depend on the availability of a lawyer or be paying for each alteration of the agreement

"A copyright is a collection of rights that vest to someone who creates an original work. Examples of original work include a literary work, code, movie or software. A copyright allows you the right to reproduce the work, to distribute copies, to prepare derivative works and to perform and display the work publicly."

Copyright can subsist over countless work by you as a freelancer, from your writings to software or app development, the list is endless.

Copyright owners, such as yourself, can also transfer or assign their rights. Copyright assignment allows a third party, known as the assignee, to take ownership of the copyright from the owner, or assignor. In order for the assignment to be valid it should be reduced to writing in what is known as a Copyright Assignment Agreement.

Copyright assignment agreements provide for the assignment of copyright from one party to the other. You would need a Copyright Assignment Agreement when you want to pass on your copyright to another person or organisation. For example, if you design an application for a client or even for yourself and would like someone else to have the copyright over that application.

Clauses included:

  • The ability to define what the copyrighted work is;
  • The duration of the copyrighted work;
  • The general rights which flow from copyrighted works;
  • Assignment (transfer) of the copyright to you;
  • Waiver of moral rights, which prevents the contractor from objecting to you changing the works he/she/it created, even after the transfer has taken place.

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