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Drafting Letters of Demand for unpaid invoices is exhausting. Simplify and automate the process to avoid ongoing awkward interactions

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Sometimes an email or a hand-written letter does not convey the seriousness of your situation. Sending a stern letter, correctly drafted, can really help

Have online affordable access to all your Letters of Demand, in one place instantly 24/7

Not being paid timeously seems to be an unfortunate trend in the freelancing world. Take back control of your business relations- without depending on a lawyer or paying legal fees for every letter

"A demand letter is an important first-step in a proceeding for debt recovery before legal action. A demand letter, or overdue payment letter, states how much is owed, what for and when the invoice needs to be paid.


It may also include a warning that you will consider legal action if the debt is not paid by a certain date."


A letter of demand for money owed to you is an important step to attempt to resolve your debt recovery matter without investing your limited time and expense into commercial litigation or alternative dispute resolution.
Included in your Letter of Demand:
  • Invoice number(s) owing (optional);
  • When the amount is required to be paid;
  • Reference to certain mandatory provisions of the National Credit Act;
  • Placing the debtor in arrears so as to be able to claim interest in certain circumstances;
  • Specification of the creditor's bank details, should you wish to record them.

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