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Ensure that yourself and a client are on the same page in terms of standards, services, timelines and the like

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If you are freelancing, there is no doubt that you require multiple Service Level Agreements.

You should not have to depend on the availability of a lawyer or pay high legal fees to obtain a comprehensive Service Level Agreement

We've gone one step further

A well-written Service Level Agreement goes a long way but, for the unique clauses required by freelancers, we realised that it could be made even more useful. Included in your subscription are selected SLA's, tailored specifically for South Africa's top freelancing professions:

"SLA is short for Service Level Agreement. It is an agreement that sets out the deliverables that you, as a freelancer or independent contractor have agreed to provide to your client as well as the deliverables for the client."


You would need an SLA if you are rendering services to a client and you would like to outline the expectations of both you and your client. For example, a photographer who has been hired to shoot a client’s event, a social media influencer who has been asked to promote a brand or a developer creating software or applications.


As a freelancer it is important that you have an enforceable SLA between yourself and your clients to assist in smoothening up the already bumpy road of freelancing. As a freelancer, whether you’re well established or just starting out, you want to ensure that the position of both yourself and your client are clearly defined from the onset to avoid disputes that may be too expensive for you. It is also important that your SLA provides for how disagreements may be resolved, other than settling the matters in court, which will be too expensive for you as a freelancer.


One of the biggest challenges that freelancers face is late payments and even non-payments. Having an SLA that provides a penalty for late or non-payments and is important to ensure that the client is legally bound to the terms both parties agreed.


A question often posed; what the difference between an SLA and Independent Contractor Agreement is?


An SLA is mainly about performance measuring and outlines the deliverables between the freelancer and the client. An SLA is required for projects and does not create any kind labour relationship between the freelancer and the client. An Independent Contractor Agreement creates a relationship that is similar to that of an employment relationship. As a freelancer you would decide to use an SLA for once off projects, whereas you would opt for an Independent Contractor Agreement when the work that you will be doing is continuous but required on an ad hoc basis.


Included in your Service Level Agreement:


  • Clear descriptions of the Services that the Service Provider will be offering;
  • The fees payable to the Service Provider;
  • The commencement date, the duration that the contract is set to run, how and when the agreement may be terminated;
  • Descriptions of a Service Variation Process;
  • Procedures to follow in the instance of an Interruption Event
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Dispute resolution.

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