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Your Termination of Independent Contractor Agreement

Professionally Terminate an Independent Contractor Agreement

An Independent Contractor Agreement may contain a clause which allows for the termination of the Agreement for any reason. This document allows you to take advantage of such a clause, and serve written notice to terminate an Independent Contractor

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It is important to serve legal documents which have no errors whatsoever, are written so that both parties can clearly understand the contents of the document and, that the document itself is   legally sound accurate

Have online, affordable access to both this termination letter as well as Service Level Agreements & Independent Contractor Agreements, in one place instantly 24/7

Managing your business responsibly and mitigating legal risks should be a top priority for South African business owners and freelancers.

Making sure that all of your employment contracts and documents are legally sound should not, however, be cripplingly expensive nor should it involve downloading outdated, non-custom templates

An Independent contractor is a person/ business who is contracted to perform work or provide services to another for compensation. Independent contractors do not work regularly for an employer but rather as and when they are required. Examples of independent contractors who may need an Independent Contractor Agreement include, freelance writers and website developers.

A comprehensive Independent Contractor Agreement provides for the terms of working between the freelance independent contractor and their client.

"In certain instances, an Independent Contractor / Sub-Contractor Agreement may have a clause in it which allows for the termination of the Agreement for any reason or no reason at all (termination for convenience)."

This termination letter allows for you to take advantage of the termination for convenience clause, and serve written notice to terminate the Independent Contractor / Sub-Contractor Agreement.

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