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Your Website Privacy Policy

Keep your website and business on the right side of the law

Simply put, a Website Privacy Policy is mandatory in order to comply with the latest data protection laws

Protect your business, by protecting your website

Let the outside world know what Personal Information you collect from your website visitors and, importantly, the way in which such personal information is collected, stored, and shared

Have online affordable access to all your Website Privacy Policies, in one place instantly 24/7

Websites that collect different personal information, require different Privacy Policies. 

Making sure that all your Privacy Policies are up to date with the latest data protection laws should not be expensive, nor should you spend your own time researching how to create one

"A privacy policy is a statement contained on a website that details how the operators of the site will collect, store, protect, and utilize personal data provided by its users."

The definition of personal data should be provided and in the policy.

In addition to outlining how you will use the information, the policy includes how it will meet its legal obligations, and how those sharing their data can seek recourse should the company fail to meet those responsibilities.

You’re probably thinking, I’m just a freelancer, I don’t need a website privacy policy but, if you have a website and you gather any data about your users, even if it’s just through tracking their location then you are required by law to have a Website Privacy Policy. Whether your website tracks users' behaviour through cookies, or just send out occasional newsletters, the policy is required. 

Included in your Privacy Policy:

  • Who you and your business are, as well as such contact details required by the ECT Act;
  • Specify what personal information you collect;
  • Specify what you do with such personal information;
  • Record your cookie policy (if known);
  • Specify whether you collect payments on your website, and if such payment details are retained; and
  • Specify whether you allow others to advertise on your website.

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