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The Hello Contract Online Shop is your go-to site for high quality legal contracts and documentation purchased on a per document basis.
Search for the kind of contract or document you require. Fill in our detailed questionnaire, checkout and receive your legal document in both PDF and Word delivered straight to your inbox, instantly


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Do you use contracts or legal documents at least twice per month? Why not become a Pro Subscriber for R800.00 per month instead and have unlimited access to all our contracts and documents all the time…

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Pro Subscription

for those that need contracts / documents regularly, or at least twice per month


per month

  • Custom fitted automated contracts and documents
  • Unlimited access to all our contracts and documents
  • 1 hour of free legal document support per month
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Online Shop

for those that don't need contract more than once per month

approx R500

per contract/document

  • Custom fitted automated contracts and documents
  • Pay per document generation

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for large teams that would like their internally drafted contracts/documents to be automated

on aPer Client


  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Automate your own existing contracts and documents
  • Priority support

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